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BFI London Film Festival 2018: Preview: Mandy

Posted on by Janet Awe

Nicolas Cage is in fine grunting form as a man hell-bent on revenge after the peace of his idyllic and loved-up, secluded-forest life with his beautiful, adoring wife is brutally shattered by the invasion of a cult of violent motorbike-riding, drug-taking, hippy-cum-psychos.

Full of laughable moments that you probably shouldn’t be laughing at, the writer-director, Panos Cosmatos, clearly had a strong vision and followed it through – albeit it, potentially, while buzzing off his nuts.

Mandy - Those Bloody Hippies. (Pic courtesy of Sundance Institute)

Mandy – Those Bloody Hippies. (Pic courtesy of Sundance Institute)

Some of the psychedelic elements are trippy/ridiculous-enough to work brilliantly-well, while one scene features the funniest furious-wanking that I’ve ever witnessed on screen (or in real life! – respect, to Linus Roache for what I hope was just great acting), Mandy has memorable moments and quotable lines galore. It’s a non-stop, ferocious romp of nonsense, blood and gore – and it really is great because of it.

Mandy has ‘cult classic’ written all over it and I’ve no doubt that it will be played at the Prince Charles cinema in Leicester Square, alongside films like Tommy Wiseau’s The Room, for many, many years to come.

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