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Janet & Romeo squashed up on the tube, K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Posted on by Janet Awe
Romeo from Magic Numbers accosted by me on the London tube

Romeo from The Magic Numbers accosted by me on a packed London underground carriage

OK, we weren’t really kissing, but imagine my excitement (and his fear) when I got onto a packed London underground tube at Baker Street to find myself literally squashed up against my secret crush, the lovely Romeo from The Magic Numbers. He thought he was travelling incognito around London.  No such luck!

Apparently, he ‘didn’t hear’ my first “Romeo?” when I said it tentatively in his direction. But I knew it was him and I couldn’t let him… er I mean… let the opportunity slip by.  Two years beforehand, I’d been too shy to go up to him in the Glastonbury backstage bar and profess my love for him and his band, for fear of looking like a sad groupie, so I just giggled from afar (like a sad groupie).  The following year, I’d caught his sister Michelle sitting quietly at the back of the Union Chapel with her fellow ‘Number’, Angela, before they all went on stage and I babbled to her about how lovely she and her brother were and then shuffled away embarrassed. Clearly, those events had all been leading up to this moment. And his proximity left me no choice. Luckily when I asked him directly if he was Romeo, he put me out of my misery and came clean. And what a sweetie he was to humour me. By the time I got off, three stops later, I knew where he lived, where he was coming from and what he’d been up to recently. And he knew just how much I liked him. And the band.  And when I whipped out my camera to get a photo, all the other tube passengers knew, too.

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